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Dancing Tao presents
Nu-Movements 09-04-2020April 10, 2020
Ecstasy Radio: Nu-Movements 09-04-2020
Ecstasy Radio: Nu-Movements 09-04-2020

Dancing under Lockdown - archive class  2hrs 05mins

So we’re dancing in our home spaces now…
It’s surreal, moving and surprisingly deep.

This recording is the audio from the fifth session I’ve held since Covid-19 took us all onto Zoom; the mix went a bit awry at one point but this is the first one that felt like I and we all were truly ‘in it’. Enjoy - and feel free to come and join us live on Thursday or for one of the other dancingTao offerings - info and bookings below.

Starts with an invocation from Mr Robert Nesta Marley
Welcome at 04:20 mins
Ground rules, disclaimer & into Warm-up from 11:30 mins
(Inc. NHS applause moment at 20:00hours UK time)
Teaching Invitation 49:50 mins
Body Parts 58:50 mins
Wave from 64:40 mins
Ends with a gentle landing

Please Note:
you are responsible for your own physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing if you listen to this recording!

Nu-Movements Online
every Thursday with Christian de Sousa
19:30 -21:30 UK London Time