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Dancing Tao presents
The Brexit BroadcastJune 22, 2016
Ecstasy Radio: The Brexit Broadcast
Ecstasy Radio: The Brexit Broadcast

Transmission, movement and the referendum 22-06-2016  2 hrs 40mins

First live broadcast in the new phase of Ecstasy Radio... still pre-launch as some technicals remain on the site, but this was a first transmission from the studio. Archives waves at ecstasy and more to come.

It was a conscious choice to do it the night before the referendum... for me important that at least some of the time we are connecting to the world reality situation and I enjoy communicating through music on different levels.

The session goes through a few tunes to get going, a little intro to my history in radio (Earshot Cinema, a light-night show for Resonance FM - and I forgot to mention PirateTv, for whom big respect), and what the intention is for the whole project. Then we did a little body parts meditation, rode a leftfield Brexit audio report & dropped into another deeper wave.

I had fun! Feedback, comments & postcards from the dancefloor all welcome.

Dedicated to Jo Cox and all those working for understanding, commonality and unity.

Stay tuned for next sessions: broadcast link when we're on air:

Track listing... to follow