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Dancing Tao presents
Dragons on the MountainNovember 27, 2010
Ecstasy Radio: Dragons on the Mountain
Ecstasy Radio: Dragons on the Mountain

Audio-portrait of dancingTao  61mins

Dragons on the Mountain is a longer wave, pretty deep, featuring some of the key tracks on dancingTao floors in 2010. It was mixed one freezing Saturday afternoon in Switzerland as the snow fell on Lac Leman and the surrounding mountains - an exquisite moment, hope the poetry of the setting comes through.

01. People Are Friends - Biosphere
02. The Lake - Helena Ward
03. Astral Traveling - Pharoah Sanders
04. Trees Laugh - Hot Pink Purple
05. The Eagle - DJ Spooky
06. Calling Dub - Nucleus Roots
07. Aurelon (Misstress Barbara Reshape) - Vince Watson
08. Never-Ending Mountain (James Zabiela Re-Arrange) - Phil Keiran
09. A Break In The Clouds (Ambient Version) - Holden
10. Same Song - Susheela Ramon
11. Under Your Mind (Live) - Cell
12. Graceful Sky - Steve Roach
13. La Cariocala - Nagwa

Artwork: woodblock print by Tsuchiya Koitsu