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Dancing Tao presents
Dreaming & CreatingDecember 17, 2018
Ecstasy Radio: Dreaming & Creating
Ecstasy Radio: Dreaming & Creating

The Yin and Yang of Movement Medicine  65mins

This is a live mix recorded at a Movement Medicine intensive towards the end of 2018. I was building up the playlist over months whilst holding a series of MM weekend workshops / ceremonies by the name of Dreaming & Creating.

It's an exploration of how we can dance with Yin and Yang as a cycle of dreaming and creating - diving into the deep, receptive field of yin sensory experience and finding how the organic emergence of the yang creative and relational principle grows from there - before dissolving back into the soft mystery once again.. and again and again...

The mix is very much from a specific moment in time (in the wet, wintry green hills of Devon) but it holds the echoes of sweet, and deep golden dances in Zurich, Rome, London and Hamburg. In each of those urban moments I felt like I discovered another way in which Movement Medicine and the dancingTao approach harmonise to create dancing spaces. I'll be holding another of these ceremonies at One Dance Tribe in New York over March 8th-12th 2019.

Giving thanks to all the music-makers and everything that supports us to dance. Enjoy.

01. Mountain Spirit - Bansuri
02. Mystic Sound Bath - Music for Deep Sleep
03. Jineteada - History of Colour, Barrio Lindo & El Búho
04. Cinder - History of Colour, Barrio Lindo & El Búho
05. Ay Que Sera Del Sol - Rodrigo Gallardo
06. Rio Negro - Xique-Xique
07. ¿Y Dónde? - Graciela Mendoza
08. H2O Cycle. (feat. Anders Jormin, Mats Eden & Reidar Skår) - Terje Isungset
09. The Mist - Phaeleh
10. T-Rex Echoes (Live Version) - Carbon Based Lifeforms
11. Spiral Clouds (Kumharas 6 Full version) - Chronos
12. First Light - Kidnap Kid
13. Strands - Steve Hauschildt
14. Spirits Calling - Beautiful Chorus
15. A Daily Prayer and Practice of the Dalai Lama - Nawang Khechog

+ various sounds from nature in England and other places in the mix...