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Dancing Tao presents
Earthdreamers JourneyMarch 11, 2011
Ecstasy Radio: Earthdreamers Journey
Ecstasy Radio: Earthdreamers Journey

Deep world dreaming...  75mins

This is a wave for deep world dreaming, mixed specially for the Earthdreamers project, an emerging initiative to bring the energy of ecstatic dance, movement meditation and shamanic practice into alliance with social, environmental and political activism. (for more info see

It's a journey through many different aspects of contemporary earth consciousness, from the ancient roots of our being to the shadows of current human destruction, invoking the possibility of healing, real solutions and a human re-awakening to our interconnection with each other and the whole web of life.

Dedicated to the planet itself, and all peoples currently deep in the chaos of different kinds of change, from the Middle East and the Amazon to Japan and the Pacific.

This wave is offered for dancers willing and wanting to engage with the current state of the world. Please read the Earthdreamers callout, dance to it, and don't bother with this one if you are casually looking for music to listen to in your car.

01. From The Cradle - Michael Stearns
02. Ec0noMiX (sound collage) - Blly Unknown
03. Song Of The Disposessed - Dead Can Dance
04. The Way You Dream - 1 Giant Leap feat. Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosie
05. The Earth Mother - Soel
06. Run Revolution A Come - Hugh Mundell & Augustus Pablo
07. Amazon Secrets - Knowa Knowone
08. Dub Club - Sterotyp & Soothsayer
09. Get Thee Behind Me - Soma
10. Aufm Klo (version) - Kalabrese
11. Where We At v1 - Henrik Schwartz, Ame, Dixon
12. Re-awakening The Spirits - Bob Holroyd
13. Je Ka Jo - Joe Claussell & Jerome Sydenham
14. Holiday (Peace) - Moodyman
13. Forest Veil - Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke
14. Healing Hang (live recording from ceremony) - Kajuyali Tsamani & Friends
15. My Friend Of Angel Tribe - Mari Boine
16. Song of Earth - NASA

Artwork: 'The Greening of The Desert' - by Derrick Greaves