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Dancing Tao presents
Elemental MedicineMay 02, 2016
Ecstasy Radio: Elemental Medicine
Ecstasy Radio: Elemental Medicine

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind... an MM practice journey  61mins

This new mix is a Movement Medicine journey through the elemental dreaming landscapes of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Working with the elements is one of the core maps of the multi-layered MM approach. Each element comes in its own wave, with the whole journey going round the four directions of the MM mandala, or medicine wheel.
There's no spoken facilitation but the sound of nature will orient you as you go. Let yourself as a dancer breath in the sound and the energy of each element as it comes, and find out how it moves in and through your body and your energy field. Enjoy.

Recorded on the evening of Beltane, aka Mayday, as a precursor to the relaunch of Ecstasy Radio, and as an offering to the One Dance Tribe community.

01. Call of The Forest - Baka Voices
02. Earth - Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan & Friends
03. God (unreleased edit) - 1 Giant Leap
04. Guinean Hunters’ Chant - Tiganá Santana
05. Udu's Dance - Rishi & Harshil
06. Untitled - Ortal Pelleg
07. Desert Stroll - Alex Forster & Jamie Catto
08. African Drug - Bob Holroyd
09. Waterfall (Cachoeira) - Edgar Silva, Carioca E Chandra
10. Doldrums - Ame
11. Air - Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan & Friends
12. Dance of the Wind - Brinda Roy Choudhuri

Songs of the birds, various fires, streams, rivers & winds - recorded in south Devon and elsewhere