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Dancing Tao presents
Flight of the London EagleJuly 01, 2009
Ecstasy Radio: Flight of the London Eagle
Ecstasy Radio: Flight of the London Eagle

An electronic wave for urban soaring...  50mins

01. From A Solid To A Liquid - Biosphere
02. Beautiful Strange - Bedrock
03. Arcadian - Link
04. Where Is It? - Will Saul, Ursula Rucker
05. Another Excuse (DFA Remix) - Soulwax
06. Can't Let You Go (Hoxton Whores Dub) - Mack Vibe
07. Neu-Neutral - Max Waves
08. Blue (Reprise) - Deep Dive Corp.
09. A Wonderful Life - Carl Craig
10. The Last Reading - Sussan Deyhim
11. Unknown

Artwork: street sign opposite St Peter's Church in Vauxhall