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Dancing Tao presents
Gold of the MayaJanuary 01, 2012
Ecstasy Radio: Gold of the Maya
Ecstasy Radio: Gold of the Maya

A medicine wave for 2012  72mins

So here it is, 2012, the famous last year of the Mayan calendar. The year, one in 26,000, that the Earth aligns with the centre of the galaxy... and a year mentioned in change prophecies from a variety of cultures around the world. What will happen!? The end of the world? The birth of a new era in human and planetary consciousness? Perhaps a step towards both, a marker in the fluid flux of time and right now rapid and chaotic evolution..?

I have no idea, but the times we live in are unprecedented however you look at it. The situation is a ripe fruit for dancing… So this wave holds an intention to bring embodied journeying, to open hearts and to raise the vibration of our dreaming - to fuse the digital and the organic in order to create connection with the voices of peoples & lands the world over - ultimately to create space where the gold of the highest possibilities may shine forth.

Like the Jain temple with a thousand pillars of which one is wonky, it's not perfect (sadly only God is perfect…), but I trust it can support some dancers to move into this new, possibly momentous year with light, love and healing in the heart.

One Love

01. Currents - Aes Dana
02. Jardim do Universo - Maureen Ji & Universal Symphonies
03. Tukutxi Yoremuru Katohu - Marlui Miranda & Ravi
04. Cloudless - Peter Gabriel
05. Dreaming of T'sama - The Human Experience
06. The Way to the Light - Bahramji feat. Masti
07. Salt Satygraha - DJ SPooky & Abdul Smooth
08. Timber - Coldcut
09. The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles - Surgeon
10. Lamur (Henry Saiz remix) - Guy J
11. Nothing Is Something Worth Doing - Shpongle
12. Music 4 No Musicians - Coldcut
13. Spiral - Ravid
14. Alma - Ravid
15. Dreaming - Butch
16. Trisine - Solar Quest
17. Cantos Heri Paca - unknown Yanomami singer
18. Jai Me Reprise - Bhakta & Darpan

Samples from unknown streams, woodlands and shorelines also included in the mix