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Dancing Tao presents
Jungle Medicine: ForestAugust 01, 2011
Ecstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: Forest
Ecstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: Forest

Jungle Medicine 2: Forest  50mins

Summer special double-wave exploring two polarities of jungle living...

Part 2 is a dancing journey into the tropical forests of Africa and South America, in search of more organic forms of medicine from the drums. This wave is deeper and more gentle, exploring a range of indigenous rhythms in search of more ancient pathways into dance healing.

The Jungle Medicine waves were my first creative act using newly installed solar power in the dancingTao studio...

01. Sounds of the Australian Bush at Dawn - Namadgi
02. Ritual a la Naturaleza - Alejandro Jahuanchi
03. Lambrancas - Carioca
04. Amazonia - Carioca, Zeca Assumpcao, Dimos Goudaroulis
05. Live recording - Kajuyali Tsamani & Friends
06. Ubumwe - Burundi Ensemble
07. Azouke Legba - Vodou Le
08. Congo - Drummers of the Scoiété Absolument Guininnin
09. Oya Y Ogun - Kodo
10. Jin-Go-Lo-Ba - Babatunde Olatunji
11. Waterfall (Cahoeira) - Edgar Silva, Carioca E Chandra
12. Boi-Bumpa - Carioca & Fabio Freire
13. Live Recording - Kajuyali Tsamani & Friends
14. Blessing - Bhakta & Darpan
15. Bai - Gabon People

Artwork: Tree photography by Christian de Sousa