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Dancing Tao presents
Looking for the LightJanuary 21, 2017
Ecstasy Radio: Looking for the Light
Ecstasy Radio: Looking for the Light

The Way of the Dancer vol.2  71mins

Second in the 'Way of the Dancer' series - this one deeper, longer, more of a rhythm meditation.
It''s about light and dark and it's about yin and yang.
It's about simplicity and chaos and the search for essence
It's about the waves within the Wave
It's about moving our bodies to expand our awareness
and seeking to bring life, fluidity and change to any situation.
It's about the subtle, deep process that is the alchemy of dancing.

Mixed at the time of the Trump transition...
Bringing it all back to Body, Breath, Rhythm...
Look for the light and hold the soul...
The real trumps are open hearts...

One Love, Many Dances.

01. Circle of Flight - Tim York
02. Laraajingle - Laraaji with Audio Active
03. Delicate - Fingers in the Noise
04. W/Loon 2015 - Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
05. New Identity - Mathew Jonson
06. Pattern 3 - Moritz Von Oswald Trio
07. Har Zion 110 (Aril Brikha Remix) - Deep'a & Biri
08. Sunset - Sebastien Leger
09. Coconut Blues - Gabriel Ananda
10. Timo - David Charrier
11. Track 1 - The Birch Trio ????
12. The Web of life (rough instrumental) - Alex Forster & Christian de Sousa
13. Pure - Shimshai
14. Kalimba - Laraaji
15. The River Dart at Staverton on a Hot Sunny Day - Newtake Field Recordings
16. Za Zen (Meditation) - Tony Scott