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Dancing Tao presents
Luminous WorldsAugust 17, 2016
Ecstasy Radio: Luminous Worlds
Ecstasy Radio: Luminous Worlds

Embodied Lunar Dream Journey  79 mins

We are solar-powered beings.
The energy of life itself… is recycled sunlight.
The atoms in our bodies were born within the body of a star.
So we are recycled stardust, powered by starlight.
We are children of the stars.
(sample on the Gaudi track below)

Luminous Worlds is a longer medicine wave for trance journeys on summer nights, or any other time you want to drop deep into the dreaming.
Set the space and press play. Find the body, bring breath and follow the rhythm; dance the bridge of connection between earth and stars, finding moving spirit and human heart as a conduit for that connection.
Recorded under an August full moon

01. Currents - Aes Dana
02. Microgravity - Biosphere
03. The Sheer Weight of Memory - Bob Holroyd
04. Audio Deepest Night - Cell
05. Spiritual Orphans - Gaudi
06. Aftermath #03 - Aes Dana
07. Solar Detroit - Maceo Plex
08. Drop 2 - Voices from The Lake
09. Kept Within - Aril Brikha
10. Urdangarin Resistance - Ferenc
11. Bakerson - Booka Shade
12. Close Encounters - The Orb
13. Friend of all that Lives - Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda
14. Le Vent Nous Portera - Noir Désir
15. Fly - Rainer Scheurenbrand
16. Endless Flight - Gustavo Santaolalla
17. Coplas de las Estrellas - Graciela Mendoza
18. Pastoral Journey - Unity Dub
19. Fight or Flight - Alex Forster
20. Summit - Snakestyle