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Dancing Tao presents
Postcards from BabylonJune 26, 2013
Ecstasy Radio: Postcards from Babylon
Ecstasy Radio: Postcards from Babylon

Soundtrack for the urban situation & our transformation  80mins

Postcards from Babylon
- a rough guide to liberation: the audio redux

Postcards from Babylon - a rough guide to liberation is a book of photography and writing by Christian de Sousa. Whereas PfB - the soundtrack is a compilation akin to a film soundtrack, this mix is an invitation to move through your own journey of urban alchemy as described and invoked in the book.

It's an invitation to bring embodied movement to the intense energy of the cities and the world that we live in, to move through shadow and light, oppression and freedom, all the while finding the ways that transformation moves and lives in the body, the breath and the rhythm.

Needs a strong space. Probably best for dancing at night.
Oh, and consider not listening to it before dancing to it - let yourself take the journey as a dancer, it will be more effective.

To find out more about the book, come to

01. Intro - (urban street recording)
02. Mass Transit Railway - Monolake
03. Architecture - Inner Zone Orchestra
04. Reach For The Dead - Boards of Canada
05. Who Am I - Peace Orchestra
06. Future Traffic Song - Ashtrax
07. Hard Time Pressure In A Babylon - Iration Steppas
08. El Capitalismo Foråneo (Antipop Consortium remix) - Gotan Project
09. No Justice - Smith & Mighty Feat. Rudy Lee
10. These Are The Days - Red Seal
11. Back From Exile - Breitbannt
12. Phase Drums - Joe Claussell, Jerome Sydenham
13. Erosion - Vibrasphere
14. Transition (acapella) - Underground Resistance
15. Sandcastles (Afterlife mix) - Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer
16. Pleureuse - Gabon People
17. Happiness - Aaron Andreas Gantenbein
18. Calm Upon You - Ravid
19. Heal - Aaron Andreas Gantenbein
20. Fading Sun - Terje Isungset