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Dancing Tao presents
Rhythms of the RiverSeptember 01, 2011
Ecstasy Radio: Rhythms of the River
Ecstasy Radio: Rhythms of the River

5Rhythms practice wave  39mins

New season, new opportunity to engage with your movement practice...
This wave started out as another short "bare bones" wave for morning practice, then a theme began to emerge so I went with it and the result is this 39minute wave, quite gentle, it flows all the way through but undoubtedly moves the through all the five rhythms in the musical manner of a river. Try dancing to this first thing when you wake up, and let yourself flow into the day.

Dedicated to the ancient Thames, which flows near and through our dancefloor in Vauxhall.

01. Beauty - Koss aka Kuniyuki
02. To Let Myself Go - Ane Brun
03. Le Long De La Riviere Tendre - S├ębastien Tellier
04. The Birdcatcher's Oath - Boom Bip & Doseone
05. Dread River - Burning Spear
06. Jordan River - Burning Spear
07. Brenda's $20 Dilemma (Kuniyuki Dub remix) - DJ Sprinkles
08. La Valse - Les N├ęgresses Vertes
09. African River (Instrumental) - John de Kadt & John Hughes
10. Om Shanti - Shiuli Subaya