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Dancing Tao presents
The Alchemy of RhythmJanuary 10, 2018
Ecstasy Radio: The Alchemy of Rhythm
Ecstasy Radio: The Alchemy of Rhythm

Dancing in the Sky Fire  55mins

Alchemy as in transforming lead into gold.
Rhythm as in beats, as in 5Rhythms practice - and as in "wake up, surrender to the sound; let the vibration liberate the golden soul and take us all home."

Rhythm is a vehicle for transformation. Sometimes we need a change of tempo to make a shift, sometimes we need a steady pulse to hold the changes - sometimes we need the drums to shatter the hard shell of resistance and make space for the new.

This wave includes some of the musical gold and deep medicine that I came across in 2017 - with a tip of the hat to Brexit, slipped discs, deep community processes, and other alchemical learnings of the moment.
Also a warm-up for dancingTao's up-coming 5Rhythms Immersion

Mixed live in the hills; over to you, dancer
(A tip: don't pre-listen, trust the wave!)

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01. People - Afterlife
02. Father King (Catching Flies Remix) - Emancipator
03. Father King - Emancipator
04. El Ritmo - JaJa
05. Gosh - Jamie xx
06. Annapurna (Avidus & Christoph Vogel Remix) - Jeremy Liar
07. The Work (Rudimental Remix) - Beating Heart
08. Je Ka Jo (Drums Of Passion Mix) - Joe Claussell
09. Ringo (Original) - Joris Voorn
10. CompaƱeros - Rainer Scheurenbrand
11. Ashe (demo version) - Alex Forster
12. First Harp Songs of the Road of Birth and Creation - Bwiti harpist & singers
13. Maya Lila - Lucid Picnic
14. Part 4 - Stephan Micus