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Dancing Tao presents
The Tao of SamhainOctober 30, 2009
Ecstasy Radio: The Tao of Samhain
Ecstasy Radio: The Tao of Samhain

For peering through the veil...  40mins

The Tao of Samhain is a deep, dark leftfield wave for peering through the veil between the worlds. Conceived and mixed just before Samhain, also known as Halloween, when it is said that ' the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest'. Take a moment to honour your ancestors before you go into this one. And (as always) go into it with conscious intention and when it's done make sure you complete the wave and give thanks to any support you received.

01. Dawn - The Cinematic Orchestra
02. Camino - Murcof
03. A Large Grey Area - T-Power
04. North - Monolake
05. Burning Spear / Submerge - Mad Mike, The Trinity
06. What God Is - A Guy Called Gerald
07. Monsoon - Vibrasphere
08. Drops of Light - Maneesh De Moor
09. Safe Passage - Bhakta & Darpan
10. No News Is Good News - Naseer Shamman And Bass Communion

Artwork: 'Floating Spiral' - nature installation and photograph by Liz McGowan