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Dancing Tao presents
Unity PrayerJanuary 01, 2019
Ecstasy Radio: Unity Prayer
Ecstasy Radio: Unity Prayer

Love is the Way... part 1  1hour 1min

What can I say, as we slip into the unknown stream of 2019, hopefully the title and the music speak for themselves. I put this together in the dying embers of 2018 and mixed it on New Year's Day.

There's a few roots to this mix. One is the place we go to in Movement Medicine ceremonies, which I've always wanted to bring into a mix - when we land in what MM calls the 5th Dimension: the place of Spirit, of Unity and the One Heart. So this is kind of a musical take on that old Sufi metaphor of us and all creation being droplets in the one ocean of love .

Then the honchos at One Dance Tribe asked me to make something in preparation for the upcoming New York ODT gathering, which I'll be teaching at. Their vision is of the dance (explored through many movement practices) creating a field of love and transformation.

Finally, this is part 1 of a pair, well actually kind of part 2 of a pair, to be joined by a Diversity Prayer. More on that to follow with our All in Movement pamphlet, but lets just include an awareness that we cannot find Unity without recognition, understanding and honouring of diversity and difference...

Sending deep gratitude to all the singers, instrument-players and producers channelling medicine and love through their music.

Whoever you are out there reading this, may the rhythms and voices of the heart be there for you in this new year of our time.

01. The Other Shore - Raphaël & Shastro
02. Spring of Life - Ark of dream
03. Keep Your Heart Right - Terry Callier
04. The Prayer - Jepthé Guillaume
05. The WJ - Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham
06. The Thief That Stole My Sad Days - Moodymann
07. Garden of Love - Winston McAnuff & Fixi
08. Shibren (El Búho Remix) - Bukahara
09. In Lak' Ech Ala Kin - Dave Kearney
10. Universal Reprise - 4Hero
11. The Whole Universe Wants to Be Touched - Nils Frahm
12. Adonai Ori - Bettina Maureen Ji

Ocean Waves from the Pacific shore at Pfeiffer Beach, California