Dancing Tao presents

Ecstasy Radio

Dancing Tao presents
Ecstasy Radio

Welcome to Ecstasy Radio

Ecstasy Radio is a 5Rhythms podcast offering mixed Waves for ecstatic dance and movement meditation practice at home and elsewhere.

The waves usually have a theme, and are in varying lengths to suit different situations, moods and times of day. You can stream them through your music player, or download them as mp3s for later. If you like what you hear, please check the tracklistings and give something back: buy the artists' music. Most of the featured music is available to buy online, or through the artists' own websites. You can also subscribe to Ecstasy Radio using iTunes, RSS or another podcast reader.

So tune in, make a little bit of dancing space - and get down!
You can of course just listen to the music, but doing this is a little like going to the cinema and keeping your eyes closed. Move the body, feel the soul - that's how it goes...

Ecstasy Radio Waves are produced by dancingTao, and mixed by Christian de Sousa & occasional guest DJs and 5Rhythms teachers. Send us a to let us know how it goes...

Guide to Home Dancing

Please take the time to listen to this brief Introductory Guide to Home Dancing before using these waves - click on the play button on the right to listen. (it may take a few moments to start) Naturally, you are responsible for creating & holding your own safe space for dancing. For information about ecstatic dance and the 5Rhythms practice, visit the dancingTao and 5Rhythms websites.

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Archive Waves:
Dragons on the Mountain
Ecstasy Radio: Dragons on the MountainEcstasy Radio: Dragons on the Mountain
Audio-portrait of dancingTao 61mins
The Tao of Samhain
Ecstasy Radio: The Tao of SamhainEcstasy Radio: The Tao of Samhain
For peering through the veil... 40mins
Rhythms of the River
Ecstasy Radio: Rhythms of the RiverEcstasy Radio: Rhythms of the River
5Rhythms autumn practice wave 39mins
Move On Up
Ecstasy Radio: Move On UpEcstasy Radio: Move On Up
Funk & Soul Wave 45mins
Sweet in the Mornin'
Ecstasy Radio: Sweet in the Mornin'Ecstasy Radio: Sweet in the Mornin'
Rhythms & Reality, part 1 38mins
Nocturnal Detours
Ecstasy Radio: Nocturnal DetoursEcstasy Radio: Nocturnal Detours
Rhythms & Reality, part 2 49mins
Jungle Medicine: Concrete
Ecstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: ConcreteEcstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: Concrete
Jungle Medicine, part 1: Concrete 62mins
Jungle Medicine: Forest
Ecstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: ForestEcstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: Forest
Jungle Medicine, part 2: Forest 50mins
5Rhythms by Radio
Ecstasy Radio: 5Rhythms by RadioEcstasy Radio: 5Rhythms by Radio
The original 'radio wave' broadcast on Resonance FM 88mins
Flight of the London Eagle
Ecstasy Radio: Flight of the London EagleEcstasy Radio: Flight of the London Eagle
An electronic wave for urban soaring... 50mins
It's Our Future
Ecstasy Radio: It's Our FutureEcstasy Radio: It's Our Future
Copenhagen Climate Special 58mins
Earthdreamers Journey
Ecstasy Radio: Earthdreamers JourneyEcstasy Radio: Earthdreamers Journey
Ecstatic Dance meets Activism... 75mins
The Bare Bones Wave
Ecstasy Radio: The Bare Bones WaveEcstasy Radio: The Bare Bones Wave
5 tracks - do the practice 24mins
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