Dancing Tao presents

Ecstasy Radio

Dancing Tao presents
Ecstasy Radio

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”
- Plato


Ecstasy Radio offers DJ mixes and occasional live transmissions for ecstatic dancers and movement meditators. It is a fusion of DJ culture and Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms Waves practice, with influences from Movement Medicine and various strands of creative, shamanic and Taoist practice.
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1, Clear some dancing space, close the door and turn off the phones
2, Line-up the mix or tune into the live stream
3, Turn the lights down and the sound up
4, Press Play
5, Breathe... and Move

Goes without saying: you are responsible for setting-up a safe space and holding & completing your own journey.

Please take a moment to listen to this 5min audio guide before you dive in. (temporarily off-line; back with you v. soon)

If you use and appreciate the service, please consider making a donation to support new productions. Thank you!

Let The Rhythm Just
Ecstasy Radio: Let The Rhythm JustEcstasy Radio: Let The Rhythm Just
The Way of the Dancer volume 1 46mins
Elemental Medicine
Ecstasy Radio: Elemental MedicineEcstasy Radio: Elemental Medicine
Earth, Fire, Water, Wind... an MM practice journey 61mins
Ecstatic Dragons
Ecstasy Radio: Ecstatic DragonsEcstasy Radio: Ecstatic Dragons
Sweaty Thursdays circa 2006... 72mins
Move On Up
Ecstasy Radio: Move On UpEcstasy Radio: Move On Up
Funk & Soul wave 45mins
Dragons on the Mountain
Ecstasy Radio: Dragons on the MountainEcstasy Radio: Dragons on the Mountain
Audio-portrait of dancingTao 61mins
Gold of the Maya
Ecstasy Radio: Gold of the MayaEcstasy Radio: Gold of the Maya
A medicine wave for 2012 72mins
Postcards from Babylon
Ecstasy Radio: Postcards from BabylonEcstasy Radio: Postcards from Babylon
Soundtrack for the urban situation & our transformation 80mins
The Tao of Samhain
Ecstasy Radio: The Tao of SamhainEcstasy Radio: The Tao of Samhain
For peering through the veil... 40mins
Sweet in the Mornin'
Ecstasy Radio: Sweet in the Mornin'Ecstasy Radio: Sweet in the Mornin'
Rhythms & Reality, part 1 38mins
Nocturnal Detours
Ecstasy Radio: Nocturnal DetoursEcstasy Radio: Nocturnal Detours
Rhythms & Reality, part 2 49mins
Jungle Medicine: Concrete
Ecstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: ConcreteEcstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: Concrete
Jungle Medicine 1: Concrete 62mins
Jungle Medicine: Forest
Ecstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: ForestEcstasy Radio: Jungle Medicine: Forest
Jungle Medicine 2: Forest 50mins
The Bare Bones Wave
Ecstasy Radio: The Bare Bones WaveEcstasy Radio: The Bare Bones Wave
5 tracks, 5 Rhythms - do the practice 24mins
Rhythms of the River
Ecstasy Radio: Rhythms of the RiverEcstasy Radio: Rhythms of the River
5Rhythms practice wave 39mins
Earthdreamers Journey
Ecstasy Radio: Earthdreamers JourneyEcstasy Radio: Earthdreamers Journey
Deep world dreaming... 75mins
It's Our Future
Ecstasy Radio: It's Our FutureEcstasy Radio: It's Our Future
Copenhagen Climate Special 58mins
Flight of the London Eagle
Ecstasy Radio: Flight of the London EagleEcstasy Radio: Flight of the London Eagle
An electronic wave for urban soaring... 50mins
The Brexit Broadcast
Ecstasy Radio: The Brexit BroadcastEcstasy Radio: The Brexit Broadcast
Transmission, movement and the referendum 22-06-2016 2 hrs 40mins
5Rhythms by Radio
Ecstasy Radio: 5Rhythms by RadioEcstasy Radio: 5Rhythms by Radio
The original 'Radio Wave', broadcast live on Resonance FM back in 2004 88mins